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57" High Performance Ash Cue - 2 piece with 6" Extension


Formula Sports High Performance Ash 2 Piece Cue with 6-inch Extension has been constructed from premium ash and has matched grain at the 50/50 split. Includes a 6 inch extension. Comes with 9.5mm blue glue on tip, brass ferrule and is medium weight. Length : 57-inch.

  • Features an ergonomic design
  • Constructed from premium ash
  • Features matched grain at the 50/50 split
  • Includes a 6 inch extension
  • Features 9.5mm blue glue on tip


Corona Lighting System

Using 123 individual LED lights, the Corona Lighting System illuminates your board and provides consistent light regardless of the ambient lighting in your room. 

This significantly improves your vision of the board and with 360 degrees of light, the board is virtually shadow-less!

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