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Corona Vision Replacement LED Strip

Corona Vision Replacement LED Strip


If you’re clocking up the hours with your dart game, down the track you’ll need to replace your LED light strip. No worries, the Replacement LED light strip pack has got your back.

Fitting Instructions:

1.      Peel broken LED strip from ring.

2.      Remove any loose residual adhesive left in ring. Leave in place the black tape on the inside of the ring covering the joints. Align the cable of the new LED strip with the cut-out in the plastic ring and secure in place.

3.      Peel off approximately 10cm of protective film from the LED strip at the cable end, exposing the adhesive foam.

4.      Gently lay the LED strip into the plastic ring applying gentle pressure. Work your way around the ring, peeling off protective film as you go.

5.      The free end of the LED strip should coincide approximately with the cable end when fully laid in. Remove cable from cut-out, lift start of the LED strip and lay the free end of the strip into the ring. Then lay the cable end of the strip on top of the free end of the strip and relocate cable back into plug.

You should now be good to go!


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