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Harrows - Carbon ST Shafts - Red

Harrows - Carbon ST Shafts - Red


Unlike anything else on the market, the Carbon ST breaks the boundaries of what players expect a dart shaft to look and feel like.

A tough carbon composite structure is dual injection moulded with high quality polycarbonate material, resulting in this truly unique shaft. Not only does this shaft look great, it has also been specifically designed to improve some key performance aspects of a regular shaft:

Unique shaft profile directs airflow around the dart when thrown, producing a more stabilised flight path than regular shafts.
Flight lead-in has been redesigned with rounded edges to make fitting the flight easier and also reduce deflections when hit.
The tough carbon composite structure significantly increases the strength of the shaft, reducing damage and breakages.
New Pyramid ring is larger and more streamlined, increasing durability and decreasing deflections.
Angular polycarbonate sections protrude, allowing light to enter and retract, making the darts more visible in the board.

Available in three lengths:
Short 33m
Intermediate 40mm
Medium 47mm

Each pack contains three shafts.


Corona Lighting System

Using 123 individual LED lights, the Corona Lighting System illuminates your board and provides consistent light regardless of the ambient lighting in your room. 

This significantly improves your vision of the board and with 360 degrees of light, the board is virtually shadow-less!

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