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Target - Phil Taylor - Power 9FIVE GEN2 - 95% Tungsten Darts

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The "Quattro Grip Zone". Four equally spaced power pockets precisely milled at the rear of the barrel for enhanced grip and feel promoting consistent grip position. 

Azzurri Blue Titanium Nitride coated Pixel Grip Technology fused with the unique Quattro grip, completes this radical new barrel design - a dart worthy of an Undisputed Champion. 


What’s Included
  • Power 9FIVE G2 Barrels x 3
  • Phil Taylor Flights x 3
  • Power Titanium G2 Natural Shafts x 3
  • 30mm Nickel Point x 3

95% Tungsten

Coating: Blush Gold & Black PVD Titanium Nitride

22 7.8 41
24 7.8 41
26 7.8 43

Corona Lighting System

Using 123 individual LED lights, the Corona Lighting System illuminates your board and provides consistent light regardless of the ambient lighting in your room. 

This significantly improves your vision of the board and with 360 degrees of light, the board is virtually shadow-less!

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