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Target - Phil Taylor - Power 9FIVE GEN3 - 90% Tungsten Darts

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Phil needed additional grip on the rear of the barrel and more synergy between the barrel and his thumb and finger. The solution is Silica Titanium Nitride, the hardest dart coating in the world which for the first time is overlaid on the Pixel Grip. 

- Silica titanium coated, Gold titanium coated 

- Power Shaft Titanium Gen3 

The dual titanium featured on this dart provide a unique tactile signature unlike any other dart on the market. The pixel grip coated with gold titanium and titanium silica (at 3,500 vickers, the hardest dart coating in the world) provide very different but complimentary feels uniquely suited to the 16 times champion of the world Phil Taylor's grip. 

Phil's new barrel features a dual coating of Gold Titanium Nitride and the Worlds hardest dart coating - Silica Titanium Nitride, a combination to protect and enhance Targets unique Pixel grip.


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