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Unicorn - Flight & Shaft VALUE PACK - Cosmos Pulsar

Unicorn - Flight & Shaft VALUE PACK - Cosmos Pulsar


ULTRAFLY - A new range of exclusively designed Unicorn and authentic player flights.

Value Pack contains:
3x Unicorn Cosmos Pulsar Standard Flights
3x Unicorn Cosmos Pulsar Shafts

Utilising cutting edge materials and manufacturing processes, Unicorn have created their most visually stunning and durable flight.......... ever.

ULTRAFLY - Giving you exceptional accuracy when you are going for the winning double.

Cutting edge materials
Visually stunning

Shaft Length: Medium (44.2mm)


Corona Lighting System

Using 123 individual LED lights, the Corona Lighting System illuminates your board and provides consistent light regardless of the ambient lighting in your room. 

This significantly improves your vision of the board and with 360 degrees of light, the board is virtually shadow-less!

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