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Win.Max Deluxe Soft Tip Dart Set


The barrels weigh 16 g, a fully assembled dart weighs 18 g. The label on the packaging shows only the barrel weight.

  • Sophisticated construction:
  • High quality steel barrels ensure that you can enjoy your darts as long as possible.
  • The barrel has strategically placed knurling and grooves that provide excellent grip and thus improved control.
  • Unbreakable 2BA aluminium dart shafts make our darts much more stable than PVC darts.
  • The PVC flights have been specially developed to improve speed and balance. They offer a stable flight and high accuracy, which helps you meet your goal more often.
  • Ideal weight:
  • With a weight of 18 grams, these darts fly properly and straight, allowing beginners to learn and improve and allowing experts to show what is in them.

12 additional flights as well as 50 rubber rings and 30 tips.


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